Ellicott City Vintage Tin Soy Candle 28 oz.

Scents inspired by Historic Ellicott City and the surrounding area. Take home a little bit of EC with these large 28 ounce candles packaged in tin.

  • Taylor's - Combined spiced cider and hazelnut fragrances create a warm and comfortable scent. 
  • Reeding - Combined amber and sandalwood fragrances create a sweet, yet savory scent.
  • Patapsco - Combined apple blossom and blackberry vanilla fragrances create a warm, rich scent. 
  • Beer - Combined citrus and herbal fragrances create an uplifting scent.
  • Ellicott Club - Combined ginger flower and saffron fragrances create a crisp and fresh scent. 
  • Caplan's - Combined citrusy bergamot and jasmine create a sweet floral scent. 

All our candles are are designed, brewed, and packaged in Ellicott City, MD