JE Flood Damage & Updates

May 30, 2018

JE Flood Damage & Updates

As many of you may know, Ellicott City was hit by a massive storm that caused severe flash flooding in the Historic District where our store is currently located. We were about four weeks away from passing inspection and were working on getting the remodeling done to open very soon. Unfortunately, this flood has delayed those plans quite a bit. With water damage and the entire Main Street ravaged, it will be a while until we are finally able to open our 3-story men's destination which included a boutique, coffee/espresso bar & barbershop. Even though our store won't be open for a bit, online purchases are still able to be made. We hope to have a sale up soon in which all proceeds go to pay for the repairs to Jaxon Edwin on Main Street. Please check our social media for updates! We hope to recover and open in this amazing city and your support is greatly appreciated. #ecstrong

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